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#32, May 1994

Luna Bisonnte Prods
137 Leland Ave.
Columbus OH, 43214

54 pp., $5.00

Editor John M. Bennett conducts this matrix of othermind invention that manifests in the poetics, graphics and scatological verbignosis of a gang of artists so far beyond convention that there is simply no relevance from that perspective. T he reader must dive in and accept the work here on its own terms and surrender to the phantasmagoria of the western mind (to wax oxymoronic) inverted, like an eyelid turned inside out, like a mirror that refuses to reflect. There is a directness in much of this work, directness in the sense of experience without psychological projection. LaFT 32 is a shamanic trickster dose, page after page packed with words and images that defy ordinary analysis. This is revolution where it counts, in the dangerous depths of the imagination.--Jake Berry

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