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#3, Fall 1993

PO Box 7161
Syracuse NY, 13261

36 pp., $4.00

This is a correspondence issue; Tony Anello, Todd Kalinski, Batya Goldman, Peter Magliocco, Diane M. Calabrese, Ron Androla and others participate with letters, poems, and short stories. There is much text here, all of it reduced down to eye-strain mode on a copier--too many '90s zines need to include plastic magnifiers with the subscription. Especially prolific in this issue is Chicago writer Batya Goldman, who describes the revenge of prostitutes in her story "Medusa Goes to Traffic Court." Ron Androla draws a caricature of himself at the bottom of one letter reproduced here; his bizarre story, "Alien Friend," posits a sullen and drunken worker insulting a friendly E.T.-like creature. Drawings by Walt Phillips and Gwym. Finally, in a parting editorial shot, Greg Carter indicates that if the readers of THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN do not like his aesthetic theories, they "can, you know, kiss my ass."--Kurt Nimmo

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