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Todd Moore:

BGS Press
1240 William St.
Racine WI, 53402

16 pp., $2.00

Todd Moore shoots from the hip, would never consider taking prisoners, and leaves a trail of blood and guts, bullets and broken knives, wherever he chooses to go. In this collection, with great illustrations by Dan Nielsen, Todd rips into the masses with all of the fury and hate and survival instincts he can pull out of his gut. In the love poem, "brenda dreams," we get lines like: "...all/ roads lead to/ her father/ who talks to/ his shotgun/ before the/ shooting the/ wound in/ frank's back/ is a door/ brenda puts/ her face/ inside she/ can feel his/ blood going/ w/her tongue". And that is just a quick sampling of the turmoil that follows in the other 23 poems in this collection.--Oberc

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #5,
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