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#10, Winter 1994

535 Geary St. #1010
San Francisco CA, 94102

44 pp., $2.00

I still believe it's possible to cause emotional upheaval without drawing blood or whipping out the weapons, and OXYGEN carries a fine crew of traditional and rebellious writers who know how to pull reality out from underneath your feet. Kimi Sugioka's "UnNatural Selection" carries fine-tuned lines like: "Trouble with city living is/ everything tends to look Darwinian/ beginning and ending with/ pigeons/ the way they/ peck at and walk over/ the wounded and sick." George Tsongas takes us on a great slogan infested journey with: "no/ matter/ who/ you're/ killing/ it's/ always/ the wrong/ person." Hugh Fox's great short story, "The Anesthesiologist's Wife," left my throat dry and my brain tap-dancing inside my skull; an excerpt from David Fisher's novel in progress and poetry from Edward Mycue &others round out this package.--Oberc

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