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PUCK: The Unofficial Journal of the Irrepressible
Winter 1993

900 Tennessee, Studio 15

78 pp., $5.55

Editor Brian Clark, described on the masthead of this finely produced zine as "Buck Stop and Chief Procrastinator," pulled out the stops on "a turgid cast of graphics" and repro quality for PUCK. Cover art is computer generated and 4-color process. Inside are poems, articles, stories, and columns by the likes of Belinda Subraman, Rane Arroyo, B.Z. Niditch, Bob Z and others. There is a good solid section of reviews by Kurt Putnam, Arthur Winfield Knight, and Brian Clark. B.C. Quark, in "Random Jottings," describes "wild anarchies of plant and beef arch-echo behind... quantum announcements." Ace Backwards' "Twisted Image" cartoon strip appears, along with additional graphics by Barbara del Rio and Freddie Baer.--Kurt Nimmo

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