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Vol. 1 #3

PO Box 44089
Calabash NC, 28467

48 pp., $1.00

This is truly one of the weirdest literary magazines I have ever run across. There's a review of Jurassic Park (they liked it), strange poetry, an article on "Adultery: New York's First Ground for Divorce", an essay on art by Mike Hazard, a weird conspiracy tale of Kennedy's and Chuck Davis' assassinations, and more strange tales that make me wonder about the sanity of the writers. I don't know, maybe I prefer getting my brains bashed out by a junky, knowing what the jerk's motives are, than trying to guess what's going on here. Or maybe I don't have enough brains cells left to figure out the mazes in this magazine. Or maybe, and I'm just saying maybe, they aren't so sure of what they're trying to do, either.--Oberc

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #5,
Copyright Burning Press 1994, 1996.

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