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Vol. IV #8, April 1994

PO Box 1958
Evanston IL, 60204

12 pp., $2.00

If you want to know about what is going on in Chi-town in performance art, poetry readings, art shows, and coffee houses, STRONG COFFEE can fill you in on the action. They tell you who is doing what where, always have great illustrations by local artists, and update you on local literary publications. Plus fiction, poetry reviews, some of the strangest horoscope columns I've ever run across (this month, mine reads: "In April you attract every creep and asshole on God's created Earth. Expect plenty of leering and lots of hissing, and all because nature blessed you with a pretty ass."), listings for local coffee houses, and everything else you need to know to hit the city in style. Free locally.--Oberc

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