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Ourobourous Press
PO Box 533613
Orlando FL, 32853

9 pp., $1.50

SuZi knows the street from experience. Though she's in New Orleans now, she definitely left her mark on Chicago. She's still tough as nails, but there's a fragile sensitivity beneath the tough veneer. These poems bring the street into your head, with lines like: 'Hey sister/ didja dig them bad-bootied bands?/ the sister on the tuba from Saint Mary's and/ the covetous lovey dove eye action from the marine/corp?", and: "the earhole of damnation/ and she was held more than a/ day after/ the judge said go/lost in some sheriff scuffle shuffle." Although this is a short collection of SuZi's work, it's strong powerful writing in a voice so unique... let's just say she's good. Damn good!--Oberc

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #5,
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