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Cheryl A. Townsend and Paul Weinman:

Watson Publishing
2774 9th St.
Cuyahoga Falls OH, 44221

20 pp.

This chapbook is so steamy that I'm amazed it didn't arrive with damp pages. Townsend and Weinman trade sex-saturated poems here. Cheryl is the initiator and Paul follows suit. Each poem is short, never longer than eight or nine lines. The cover has a Blair Wilson graphic--a stylized cartoon of a woman's breasts, limber as deflated innertubes, that reach out and smack a cartoon man in the face. There's an added bonus stapled inside this chapbook; WHITE BOY CUMS 2, with a suggestive, as-always pornographic John Howard drawing. Even though I enjoy the rat-a-tat-tat minimalism of both Townsend and Weinman, the continual sex dulls after awhile. I begin to look for new poetical vistas. Cheryl Townsend is the Anais Nin of the small press poetry scene. Even so, she is at her best when she digresses from the fuck-fest and writes about other subjects. A good example of this is her small chapbook MOTHER TENDED BAR, which is truly remarkable in its emotional and descriptive intensity.--Kurt Nimmo

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