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Cheryl Townsend:

East Coast Editions
105 Betty Rd.
East Meadow NY, 11554

10 pp., $2.00

Cheryl is the publisher of IMPETUS, and her poetry carries a seductive touch that could make you fall in love with a stranger. While Cheryl still carries that sexual lust and subtle confusion between people who don't know how to relate to each other, her words get cleaner and so crisp you often feel like her poems are dried flowers waiting to break in the wind. In lines like: "I could smell the anticipation/ when we met on Tuesday for lunch" and "Snuggling into a dream/ that lasted well into Monday" you catch a glimpse into a world filled with sensual confusion. Cheryl is one of the few women poets covering this turf, in poems that work and convey the inside story.--Oberc

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #5,
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