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#13, January 1994

Rt. 6 Box 138
Charleston WV, 25311

26 pp

(E-mail: The cover of this issue has a recombinatory face by Bill Paulauskas that looks almost normal--but it has two reduced eye-images below its eyes, and a reduced image of a lip above its smile, and thus looks just right as an out-box for the fascinatingly computer-distorted weather map it shares the cover with. Within; more of the same kind of stuff--including, I now just noticed, a sonnet of sorts by Don Webb in praise of many of the contributors to TRANSMOG 10 for setting "the words-in-a-rowlock guys runnin'."--Bob Grumman




An eclectic mix of extreme otherstreamness, beyond avant-garde and post modern, the glittering razor's edge of human imagination. Along with LOST AND FOUND TIMES, and POETRY USA, TRANSMOG is the best source for important work at this end of the spectrum. This issue contains a large selection of texts accompanied by equally experimental graphics. Collectively the work cultivates a genuine alternative to the usual ruts within which consciousness travels--the artists are reinventing themselves to reinvent art, expanding our ideas of what we are. And it does it with an enormous sense of humor. This is the philosophers stone in a sea of livid data.--Jake Berry

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