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Nico Vassilakis:

Electron Elbow Publications
PO Box 21671
Seattle WA, 98111

12 pp., $4.00

A wonderfully lyrical jump-cut mini-epic about the quest for knowledge--I think. At any rate, electro-magnetic waves play a large role in it; sound waves and water, too: "sounds are delicious, the scent of musicality of noise. we never imagine noise in water. water is large enough for thoughts to co-exist."--Bob Grumman

An exquisitely produced miniature book containing a single long poem, which is a meditation on the body and the mind revolving in consciousness of each other, and a meditation on meditation: "abrupt, aboutnd, ablutions, abingo, abongo/ aconga, a smooth rumination, a jolt shattering/ the nervous system, the electric formation of/ receptors singing in a naturally occurring quiet./ immediate environments the beatitude of/ neighborhood."

This is lucid and evocative writing that perfectly embodies the ideas and aperceptions it speaks of.--John M. Bennett

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