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Janine Pommy Vega:

Heaven Bone
PO Box 486
Chester NY, 10918

32 pp., $5.95

Composed while traveling through Nepal, these poems function as a travelogue of the trip and of the soul. Torn between lover at home and the search the poet continues, drawing in clear direct verse the image of the world she moves through, her yearning for experience and for home. She makes it easy to feel the struggle as she feels it and by doing so allows us to some extent to gain from her experience. But RED BRACELETS is better an emotional experience than intellectual. Vega isn't trying teach us, but relate generally, from the soul. And she does this very well, coming in the final, title, poem to sing, as if in a fire of transcendence of "red bracelets/ for the mother of love."--Jake Berry

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #5,
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