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Vol. 9 #3, March 1994

PO Box 27309
Cincinnati OH, 45227

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A wild, crashing of voices on the page mag where anything is likely to happen. A wonderful open music pervades this issue and all others I have seen. The pages vary in size and color producing an inspired cornucopia. This issue begins, following the always excellent cover collage, with a long metalanguage free jazz feeling poem by editor Ra's Elf (or Ralph, or who knows what as his name mutates constantly, like his poetry and his mag), somewhere out beyond a combination of Charlie Parker and James Joyce dosed on mushrooms in Paradise. And the rest of the issue's poetry is equally extended. But in recent issues an equal strength has developed in the conversations between readers/contributors and the editor. It's like eavesdropping on a table of freethinking poets and philosophers while they drink and consider and discuss the various topics that have entered the discussion from previous issues. This is one of the strengths of an aesthetic movement via correspondence, it becomes an open document, charted as it develops among the minds of its participants. Between the work and conversation WORC's is charting, at least partially, the theoretical course of the experioddic otherstream.--Jake Berry

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