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#6, 1994

PO Box 262112
San Diego CA, 92126

70 pp., $5.00

Dense with direct poetry & prose (about 50/50), and centered on fairly visceral concerns. Several stretches of thematically related pieces--as in stories by Ulvis Alberts, Richard Ploetz, Jordan Faris, all variously depicting sexuality sans intamacy. Errol Miller's "Paper Salad Days On Casa Grande" fragments together a portrait of ambivalent survival--its gray-ness typical of much of the work here. And tho I'd seen it before, Patrick McKinnon's powerful "Poem for Gramma Lavis" was well worth another read. All presented in a fittingly stark & varied graphic format that holds things together by giving each piece it's own distinctive setting--stopping just short of intruding on the texts.--luigi

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #5,
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