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TAPROOT REVIEWS is a review-zine that concentrates on independant, innovative literature, art, visual poetry, sound art, and intermedia. TAPROOT REVIEWS is published by Burning Press, a non-profit cultural organization in Cleveland, OH. TAPROOT REVIEWS is published in three versions:

TRR--paper version

Each issue of the paper version of TRR has hundreds of capsule reviews of magazines and chapbooks--these short reviews are the basis for the other versions. In addition, there are feature articles on specific artists, publishers, and publications, as well as samples from some of the reviewed work. You can view the Tables of Contents from past issues here; but the articles are only available on paper--see below for ordering information.

TRee--e-mail version

The e-mail version of TRee consists of periodic e-mail messages, each one containing the capsule magazine and chapbook reviews from the paper issue. The e-mail version appears one issue behind the paper and does not include the feature articles and excerpts--those who want the most complete and current information will want to subscribe to the paper. These postings are archived at various places on the net, including here at the Electronic Poetry Center. Each issue is broken into two parts, one each for Zines and Chaps. Email subscriptions are free to those without access to the EPC.

Web TRee--WWW version

This, the WWW version of TRee, contains the same capsule reviews as are in the e-mail version, in a cummulative, indexed, and searchable form. There are seperate alphabetic indices for both Zines (by title, then issue number/date) and Chaps (by author/editor last name). Web TRee provides an easy way to search back issues for reviews of specific titles.

Subscribe to TRR!

If you're interested in independant and innovative writing & arts, you'll want to subscribe to TAPROOT REVIEWS. Besides getting the latest and most complete information, paid subscribers help support both the paper and electronic versions of TAPROOT. The paper version contains about twice the information of the electronic versions, and appears a month or so earlier. Subscriptions are $10/4 issues; subscription requests can be sent to:

Burning Press
PO Box 585
Lakewood OH 44107

Submit for Review

We are always accepting material for review--send review copies (along with complete publishing/ordering information) to the Burning Press address above. Independent reviews are also considered--contact the editor (au462@cleveland.freenet.edu) for more information.

Support Independent Publishing!

Last but certainly not least, we encourage you to use TRR and TRee as a resource to find, buy, and read independent literature. The various literatures we cover (punk to po-mo, PC to practically porn, and even some pretty poetry) offer an exciting alternative to the safe predigested mainstream "creative writing". Writers need an audience in order to florish; and readers need relevent writing in order to grow. Together, all of that (writers+readers+relevent writing) adds up to a culture, something we all need.
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