Poems for April
Author Credits


Jim Andrews


Jim Andrews does Vispo ~ Langu(im)age (http://vispo.com) and Webartery.com (http://webartery.com). The Pen was the first of several works at (http://vispo.com/I) done with a combination of real and virtual pens.


Tom Bell


tom bell has been writing poetry for most of his life. He has had poetry and criticism in several print journals as well as in web publications, For the past two years he has concentrated on animated visual poetry for print as well as web publication. He is also a psychologist in private practice near Nashville, TN.


Patrick Burgaud


drs. Patrick Henri Burgaud, 02 / 03 / 1947, Linguist / visual Poet

P.H.M. Burgaud, born in France, lives in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Dutch nationality. Graduate in French linguistics and litterature University Nijmegen 1980 ArtSchool Arnhem 1992 from 1980 until 1990 teacher French at the Teachers High School Gelderland from 1990 to 1992 teacher French at the Business High School docent Frans Rotterdam From july 1992 only working on: sound, visual, monumental and multimedia poetry.


Duc Thuan


Duc Thuan is a biology student at San Jose State University. 24 years of age. He is also a Vietnamese writer and poet. His collection of short stories entitled "A Crazy Man in the City" was published in Vietnam. Finding himself interested in experimetal e-poetry, he has created some visual and kinetic poems that he feels are a new way to express arts and poetry in our time and, especially, modern Vietnamese poetry.


Loss Pequeño Glazier


Poet LOSS PEQUEñO GLAZIER is Director of the Electronic Poetry Center (http://epc.buffalo.edu), Professor, and Webmaster, College of Arts & Sciences, State University of New York at Buffalo. The Electronic Poetry Center (EPC) has been listed in the PMLA, twice selected as the Chronicle of Higher Education's Internet site for the day, hailed in Publisher's Weekly as the "mother of all poetry webs," reviewed in Postmodern Culture 8, no. 1 (1997), and called "the first, and in many ways still the best, serious poetry site" in American Book Review 19, no. 3 (March-April 1998). As Director of the EPC, Glazier has worked to develop web content, making substantial poetry resources available online, and to engage the emerging multimedia environment of the Internet.


Carolyn Guertin


Carolyn Guertin is a poet, sculptor and scholar based in Edmonton, Canada. Curator of 'Assemblage: The Women's Hypertext Gallery' http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/traced/guertin/assemblage.htm at the trAce Online Writing Community, her own work has previously appeared in Room Without Walls, Riding the Meridian, BeeHive and the Electronic Book Review. A poetry chapbook, Skeleton Sky, is forthcoming from PaperBrainPress. She is currently completing a doctorate in English at the University of Alberta.


David Knoebel


David Knoebel perpetrated this project. His other projects involve poetry, in two dimensions and up, for the web, video, and billboards. His VRML piece "Slow.Time" was included in Christy Sheffield Sanford's 'My' Millennium Project at trAce. It was also shown at the Web3D/2000 Conference in Monterey CA, and will be shown at the International Computer Graphics Conference in Mirabor, Slovenia. His work has been featured numerous times at About.com.


Deena Larsen


Deena spends nearly all of her time finding connections and tracing the intertwining links between ideas, in hypertext writings that cover her walls and drape her doorways in strings and in the U.S. government with forays into the impenetrable thickets of decision processes (http://www.usbr.gov/guide). Deena's first hypertext, Marble Springs, invites readers to explore and add to the women in a Colorado mining town. Her later works revolve around structure and content, exploring ideas from coyotes who can destroy the world to marriage proposals on Ferris Wheels.


Her works are available from:

Eastgate Systems http://www.eastgate.com (Marble Springs, Century Cross, Samplers, and Sand Loves)

Iowa Review Web http://www.uiowa.edu/~iareview/tirweb/tirweb.htm (Ferris Wheels)

Word Circuits Gallery http://www.wordcircuits.com/gallery/stained/ (Stained Word Windows)

New River http://ebbs.english.vt.edu/olp/newriver/ (Mountain Rumbles)

Meridian http://www.heelstone.com/meridian/deena.html# (The Language of the Void)

PIF http://www.pifmagazine.com/vol32/ (Spiritual Comfort)

Aileron http://unblinkingeye.com/Poetry/Aileron/aileron.html (Dream Merging)


Jennifer Ley


Founder of the award winning hypertext poetry site The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks and the internet literary magazine Riding the Meridian (http://www.heelstone.com/meridian/), much of Jennifer Ley's newest literary work is in the field of hypertext. Examples can be found on the web at the trAce anthology: My Millennium, in Cauldron and Net, in the upcoming issue of frAme, and in past issues of The Animist, Snakeskin and Conspire. Her newest work, the Body Politic, was shown at Digital Arts and Culture '99, sponsored by Georgia Tech and the University of Bergen - Norway. Part of The EPC Digital Media Festival 2000, she will be presenting her work this spring at the prestigious Wednesdays at 4 series at SUNY-Buffalo.

A 1998 Pushcart nominee, some of the literary magazines and anthologies that have published Ms. Ley's poetry include: Agnieszka’s Dowry, Terrain, Salt River Review, Will Work for Peace, Octavo, 2River View, Recursive Angel, Silhouettes in the Electric Sky, and Wise Woman's Web, among many others. Her work is anthologized on the net at Poetry Cafe and in print in "Athens Avenue - A Collection of Poetry".




MEZ [Mary-Anne Breeze] is a professional net.wurk artist who has exhibited in a multitude of venues & journals both online and off [including CTHEORY's Digital Dirt, Experimenta Media Arts, SIGGRAPH_99, ISEA_97, ARS Electronica_97, trAce, BeeHive Hypermedia Literary Journal, ACOUSTIC.SPACE, Riding The Meridian, fraMe, and Pleine-Peau]. Mez holds degrees in Applied Social Science & Creative Arts, and is the author of the networked polysemic language system termed "mezangelle", which evolved from integrating series of email x-changes [initiated on the 7-11 & American Express mailing lists] with computer code and regular chat/email iconographs. Mez also operates successfully in the online art-critique world, contributing to online ezines such as Cybersociology, Switch at the CADRE Institute, the Journal of Media, Meaning, Communication & Culture, and Untold.


Ted Warnell


The works of Poem by Nari are results of a creative collaboration; artists, writers, computer programmers, and Netizens of the world.

Digital code and data, program logic, information from cyberspace, all things digital, are source materials for creative exploration.

Your participation is welcomed. You can send your ideas and logic, cyberstream data and debris via email to: "PbNari" pbn@warnell.com