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Title:     Cups

     Cups is a free monthly publication distributed in cafes and bookstores
in New York City and The Bay Area. Over 50,000 people read Cups each
month, and has been in existence for over the last five years. Cups
reflects the cafe-goer's passion for literature, art, music, off-beat
     Besides poetry and fiction, each issue includes an interview with a
contemporary writer and/or musician. Recent issues featured interviews
with Siri Hustvedt, Peter Theroux, Steve Erickson, Stewart Home, Martin
Amis, Ronald Sukenick, Alexander Theroux, Art Spigelman, Bruce Benderson,
Mary Gaitskill, Thom Jones, Dennis Cooper, Nicholson Baker, Janice Eidus,
Gilbert Sorrentino, Carl Rakosi, Will Alexander, Mark Leyner, Henry Rollins,
Allen Ginsberg, Arthur Blythe, and Townes Van Zandt.  

New York Office:

    Cups Magazine
    10 East 39th Street
    New York, NY 10016
    212 213-3886 voice 212 213-3847 fax

Cups Editors: Alexander Laurence, Christopher Sorrentino, Thomas
Lecky, Eurydice, Carl Watson, Missy Miller, Katherine Katsens, Phillippe
Blondez, Rebecca Nayery, Heather Bradshaw

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