Kiosk is the real deal, as well produced editorially as it is designed visually. These people haven't forgotten the art of bookmaking in the age of HTML, nor that the process must begin with the quality of the text. It's a treasure!

-Ron Silliman

Kiosk is an international journal of poetry, poetics, & prose published annually with the support of the Poetics Program at the State University of New York at Buffalo. The Journal is edited by Gordon Hadfield, Sasha Steensen, & Kyle Schlesinger.

Forthcoming : The 2004 edition of 170 pages (7 x 8.5") is perfect-bound, and printed on off-white 65 lb. paper with cover art by Joshua Noble. Order ahead! $4.00 includes shipping.

Contributors include: Tyrone Williams, Jules Boykoff, Lytle Shaw, Tan Lin, Peter Quartermain, Tenney Nathanson, Nancy Kuhl, Barbara Cole and Pattie McCarthy, Tim Shaner, Rodrigo Toscano, Gregg Biglieri, Charles Valle, Nick Lawrence, Lori Emerson and Jane Sprague.


The 2003 edition of 292 pages (7 x 8.5") is perfect-bound, and printed on light gray 65 lb. paper with cover art by Lara Odell.

Contributors include:
Louis Cabri, Abigail Child, K. Silem Mohammad, Rae Armantrout, Craig Dworkin, Rodrigo Toscano, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Alan Halsey, Leslie Scalapino, Graham Foust, Ofelia Pérez Sepúlveda & Carla Faesler (translated by Jen Hofer), Donald Revell, Chris McCreary, Dan Featherston, Nathan Austin, Pattie McCarthy, Michael Kelleher, Patrick F. Durgin, Robert Creeley, Raymond Federman and Bill Sylvester.

Back issues available: $4.00


The 2002 edition of 274 pages (7 x 8.5") is perfect-bound, and printed on off-white 65 lb. paper with cover art by Christopher Reitmaier.

Contributors include: Alice Notley, Kristen Gallagher, Jesse Seldess, Thom Donovan, Fiona Templeton, Leslie Scalapino, Patrick F. Durgin, Catherine Wagner, Melissa Ragona, Michael Magee, Luisa Giugliano, Andy Carter, Martin Corless-Smith, Claudia Keelan, Jerome Rothenberg, Gregg Biglieri, Steve McCaffery, Lyn Hejinian, Raymond Federman, Nick Piombino, Marjorie Perloff and Charles Bernstein.

Sold out.


© 2004 Kyle Schlesinger for Kiosk