Contributors to the 2003 Issue Include:

292 pages (7" x 8.5") perfect-bound & printed on light gray 65 lb. paper with cover art by Lara Odell. Back-issues available for $4.00

Louis Cabri
Abigail Child
K. Silem Mohammad
Rae Armantrout
Craig Dworkin
Rodrigo Toscano
Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Alan Halsey
Leslie Scalapino
Graham Foust
Ofelia Pérez Sepúlveda (translated by Jen Hofer)
Carla Faesler (translated by Jen Hofer)
Donald Revell
Chris McCreary
Dan Featherston
Nathan Austin
Pattie McCarthy
Michael Kelleher
Patrick F. Durgin
Robert Creeley
Raymond Federman
Bill Sylvester


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