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Listing Created/Revised:4/2/97

Title: KOJA

Editor(s): Mikhail Magazinnik, Igor Satanovsky, Inna Mattei

Address: Mikhail Magazinnik

7314 21 Avenue Apt 6E
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11204

E-mail: Mikekoja@aol.com

Web site: www.monkeyfish.com/koja

Issn: none
Frequency: twice a year
Sub. Cost: $10 for two issues

Ed. Statement:
We are a literary zine dedicated to experimental poetry, visual poetry, low-brow fiction, graphic art. A part of the zine is given to the translations of Russian experimental poets. We are looking for submissions.

Issue Info:

In the premier issue (Fall 96) we have

Poetry by Michael Basinski, Raymond Federman, Richard Kostelanetz, K. K. Kuzminsky, Eileen Myles, Dennis Saleh

Visual by Marta Deike, Spencer Selby & Gary Sullivan

Visual poetry by Irving Weiss


Issue #2 is planned for the summer of 97.