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Created/Revised: 11-27-96


Editors:	Henry Gould, Janet Sullivan
Address:	PO Box 2321
		Providence, RI 02906

Frequency:	irregular, (roughly twice yearly)
Sub.Cost:	$10./2 issues
Ed. Stmt:
Nedge publishes poetry, prose, essays, some b & w artwork. Payment: 1 contributor's copy. Looking for good writing in new/old directions, beyond postmodernism, beyond mannerism, toward the real, toward the possible. Beyond hype, toward the hypothetical, the anonymous, the unforgettable.

Nedge #1 : Design/visual art by Candis Dixon; fiction by Frances Lefkowitz and Ed Weyhing; prose poems by David Cloutier; poem/woodblock prints by John Sokol; poems by Jean Colburn, Cathleen Calbert, John Tagliabue, Pete Lee, Martha Christina, & others; essay by Henry Gould ("Hologrammatology").

Nedge #2 : Cover by Michael Gould; concrete poems by Richard Kostelanetz; fiction by Alfred Schwaid; poems by several others.

Nedge #3 : Prose by Edwin Honig, Edward McAlice, Alfred Schwaid, and Janet Sullivan; poems by Sheila E. Murphy, John Perrault, Errol Miller, Bernard Quetchenbach, Paula Tatarunis, Rosmarie Waldrop, James Schevill, George Monteiro, Stuart Blazer, John Tagliabue, Mary Winters, Henry Gould.

(Autumn 1996) Nedge #4 includes a special section of Chinese dissident poets in translation (Xiaobin Yang, Fang Zi, Bei Ling, Xue Di, Meng Lang); several Russian poets in translation (Mandelstam, translated by Tom Mandel; Ivan Zhdanov, by John High; Elena Shvarts, by yrs truly; and "Castaneda limericks" by Alexander Vernikov). Also: Mad Sarah (complete) by Kristin Prevallet; Elke Erb trans. Rosmarie Waldrop; a wonderful Morocco travel-poem by Stuart Blazer; collages by Wendy Kramer & Jacques Debrot; essays/reviews by Janet Sullivan, Dave Chirot, others.
Related Publications:

A Glass of Green Tea - With Honig
Providence: The Poetry Mission, 1994
isbn 0962551872 415 pp. $12.95

An anthology published in honor of poet/translator Edwin Honig's 75th birthday; edited by Susan Brown, Thomas Epstein, & Henry Gould.

2 interviews with Honig by Alan Berliner and Thomas Epstein

Memoirs & essays by: Willis Barnstone, Hugo Leckey, Barbara J. Estrin, M.L. Rosenthal, Edward Hoagland, Herbert Mason, Daniel Hughes, Victor Perera, Taylor Morris, Chester Aaron, John Hawkes, Mark Spilka, Bruce Wardropper, George Monteiro, Maria Irene Ramalho de Sousa Santos, Alan Trueblood, Alice Clemente, David & Maxim Shrayer, Robert Bly, Ben Belitt, Susan Brown, Fred Marchant, Geoffrey Aggeler, Stuart Blazer, Ma Bo, John Emigh, P. William Hutchinson, James Schevill, James Barnhill, Melia Bensussen, Jerome Rosen, Janet Sullivan, Joao Medina, Lila Putnam, Henry Gould, Roger Stoddard.

Letters from: Richard Wilbur, Ramon Sender.

Fiction: Robert Coover, Donald Fanger, Suzanne Jill Levine.

Poetry by: Yehuda Amichai, Stephen Tapscott, Michael S. Harper, Keith Waldrop, Rosmarie Waldrop, Marilyn Malina, Ellen Burchard, John Tagliabue, Dennis Silk, F.D. Reeve, Fred Marchant, Henry Gould, Rylan Brenner, Aliki Barnstone, Edwin Honig, Sylvia Moubayed, Frank Fury, Paul Petrie, Phebe Brown, Marian Parry, David Cloutier, Albert Cook, David Ignatow, Laurence Spingarn, Ruth Whitman.

An exchange of letters with Josephine Carson; Honig poem set to music (score) by Alexander Gould; photography and artwork by Caryl Morris, Sheba Sharrow, Jean Zaleski, Rose Graubart Ignatow, Cheryl Kaplan.

Book design by Candis Dixon with cover art by Phoebe Gould.

Doodles by Edwin Honig.

Extensive bibliography of Honig publications by Susan Brown and Henry Gould.

Nedge is published by The Poetry Mission, a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.