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Object Lesson

Editor: Joshua Saul Beckman

Address: 630 Wickenden Street
Providence, RI 02903


Issn: N/A
Sub. Cost: $5 per issue

Current Issue Info: #13 Fall 1996
"From the typewriter to the complex machine that is the United States Postal Service," Object Lesson #13 features writing that explores the dynamic system: POETRY MACHINES.

Works include:

  • Harry Brody via the typed manuscript
  • Mark Pawlak via diskette
  • Simon Perchik in longhand
  • Carl Sesar via stamped sheets
  • Loss Pequeño Glazier via diskette
  • Ray Johnson via UPS
  • and Bob Brown on the letterpress

Object Lesson #13 also includes "Cars of the Stars"--vehicular reports from Charles Bernstein, Thom Gunn, Ron Padgett, Nathaniel Tarn, and others.