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Title: Pavement Saw

Editor(s): David Baratier
Postal Address: 7 James Street, Scotia NY 12302
PO Box 6291, Columbus, OH 43206

E-mail (if available):

Issn [if mag]:  We use ISBN numbers & consider the journal a yearly
Frequency: Once a year
Sub. Cost: $8 Inviduals, $10 Libraries and institutions.

Ed. Stmt:  Pavement Saw was founded in 1993 under the auspice of
usurping bloated journals who had fallen into mediocrity. Authors
who were published in the journal have had those pieces re-appear
in full length books recently published by Hanging Loose Press,
University of Georgia Press, Hard Press, Sun & Moon Press,
Edge Books, St. Andrews Press, and many others.

All yearly anthologies are perfect bound.
Pavement Saw Press has no numbering inside any of the
titles. While we are against easily referring to pieces without
re-reading the entire contents, we will hand number the entire journal
you purchase for a dime a page, including the contents page, if
requested to do so.

Pavement Saw Press is a not for profit corporation, any donations such
as power tools, books (especially hardcover signed first editions),
automobiles, sums of cash and the like are greatly appreciated and are
considered as charitable tax donations under section 501(c) of the
federal tax code.

Issue Info [mags]:      Issue by issue descriptions

Pavement Saw 4
64 pages, Perfect Bound, Color cover. Holds uneven furniture rightly
straight when slid underneath.
ISBN: 1-886350-03-5
Featured writer: Sandra Kohler
Also: Gary Fincke, Ruth Anderson Barnett, Simon Perchik, Nancy Kuhl,
Chris Putnam, Adrianne Kalfopoulou, Matt Cooperman, Joshua McKinney,
Mark DuCharme, Anne Ohman Youngs, Richard Demming, Kurt Brown, Sean
Brendan-Brown, and others.

Pavement Saw 3
64 pages, Perfect Bound, Screaming pink cover. ISBN: 1-886350-02-7
Featured writer: Sean Killian
Also: Beth Anderson, Janet Bowdan, Gay Brewer, Michael Estabrook, Livio
Farrallo, John Grey, Errol Miller, Sheila E. Murphy, Tracy Philpot, Len
Roberts, Timothy Russell, Spencer Selby, Mark Taska, Greg Theilen, Ken
Waldman, Mark Wallace, Mary Winters and others. Startling computer art
woodcuts by Joe Napora.

Pavement Saw 1995
56 pages, Perfect Bound, Flecktone cover. ISBN: 1-886350-01-9
Featured writer: Gian Lombardo
Also: Jendi Reiter, Lizbeth Keiley, Will Alexander, Kenneth Pobo, Simon
Perchik, Ken Waldman, Shiela E. Murphy, Alan Catlin, W. B. Keckler,
Virginia Aronson, Robert Perchan, Chris Stroffolino, Charles
Rittenhouse, Joseph Semenovich, Paul Weinman, Leonard Cirino and others.

Cover art by Jerome Goodman, Digital art by Tolek.

Pavement Saw 1994
40 pages, Perfect Bound, Waterproof 4-Color cover. ISBN: 1-886350-00-0
Robert Perchan, Marjorie Maddox, Don Scofield, Elizabeth Curry, Tony DSheila E. Murphy, Lizbeth Keiley, Katharyn Howd Machan, Harry Brody,
George Geanuleas, Susan Richarson and others. Morphing photo art by Alan

Oakey. Price: $3.50