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Listing Created/Revised: Jan. 29, 1998


Editor(s): Susan Clark et al.(beginning number 13, Catriona Strang, and contributing editors Nicole Brossard in Quebec and Norma Cole in San Francisco)

Address: 518-350 East Second Avenue Vancouver, BC V5T 4R8 CANADA E-mail: clarkd@sfu.ca Issn: n/a Frequency: Two issues/year
Sub. Cost: $12/year; singles issues $7; most back issues $6

Editorial Statement: The expanded editorial collective is currently reading manuscripts; we are especially interested in looking at image/text, collaborative work,"engaged criticism" (these terms! try: poetics of criticism [ref. Spahr et al.]; see e.g. most reviews and essays recently published in RM), long works, translation-based work, and work by women.


RADDLE MOON 13 (available):

RADDLE MOON 14 (forthcoming, spring, '95):

RADDLE MOON 15 (open for submissions):

COVER ART : We are soliciting images for our covers.

Our bias is photographic and photo-based work.
Please note: our new size is: 6 1/4 " x 8 " with 4" french flaps;
cover images wrap around, so can be various proportions/dimensions with a maximum 8" height.
*Please query first.

US POSTAGE : through the kindness of another small press in the city, RADDLE MOON has access to the US Mail via Pt. Roberts, Wa. and can reply using your US postage if you cannot supply IRCs with your SAE.

LIBRARIES can be asked to subscribe to periodicals. (Library subscribers who are patient and faithful and don't move every two years are a great boon to small publishers; getting your library to subscribe, even if you don't need the subscription yourself is one of the most useful things you can do to extend the life of your favourite magazine[s].) Libraries may subscribe through subscription services such as Faxon, Ebsco, McGregor, SMS, or a number of others.

.... next posting will do GIANTESS, our "casual irregular" ......