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Created/Revised: 3/7/97


Editors: Standard Schaefer and Evan Calbi

Address: Standard Schaefer

366 S. Mentor Sve. #108
Pasadena,CA 91106

E-Mail: ssschaefer@aol.com

Frequency: One issue per year

Sub. Cost: $10 per issue (Check to Standard Schaefer at the above address)

The first issue includes work by Mac Wellman, Charles Bernstein, Juliana Spahr, Catriona Strang, Amiri Baraka, Laynie Browne, Cole Swensen, Michael Gizzi, Dennis Barone, Spencer Selby, Ray DiPalma, Douglas Messerli and Martine Bellen.

Unsolicited manuscripts are considered at the above address. We are especially interested in reviews of three to five double-spaced pages, query first.

Excerpts from Rhizome #1