S a m a n t h a G i l e s



Sight (often distorted) has been unstated [irrelvant really, despite the consequence1], not because it lacks form2. [This is the distance to which people move when someone says "stand back so I can look at you."] Such a calculation3 is a translation [knowing it was changed; feeling the pressure drop.4] Extended along a point just outside reaching (such knowledge [parched, waiting] is ultimately linked to survival). Dissect along the lines laid down by language [the agreement, of course, is implicit] at an angle of 45 degrees5 determine the color6 of a woman's hair [a whisper has the affect7] Consider the silk moth. [It is between us now: a consent.] There is no wall or door against8. (Lit by something, knowing it has changed.) These are the things we have stolen.



1 slipped in the pocket easily like this pen
2 like an assumption you didn't know you could make
3 locating in the soft layer beneath his skin
4 ask me if it's true or not
5 left on the shelf dates obsured
6 held in the hand like a promise
7 in the old days, when wishing still helped
8 the unmistakable notion the clock striking