S a m a n t h a G i l e s


Here are four circles labeled for convenience. The catagories1 can be illustrated by a simple distinction. Consider the word "method2" [It passes without notice. This is the arrangement we have agreed to keep] In many sentences it is clear that the meaning is a unique function of the meanings of the adjacent parts. [It is colder here now. Light moving quickly3 into the kisses you bite from me.] Admit4 that even here the tendancy5 to creep into6 things and become a part of them is evident. That one can expose oneself and tell oneself a story at the same time has been conceded. [I have been holding on for weeks. Push into what used to be like apples.] But suppose we find incompatible7 interpretations. [Going uphill for water. This is becoming a habit.] As a story8 it has only the barest essentials of character.


    1Many voices that sang independently of one another.
     2Found consolation in the man of parts. 
     3Confronted at the possibility, she shudders at the thought.
     4List all the rules to abide which don't apply. External references in which to assign responsibility 
     5The first real improvements introduced by expressing dislike. 
     6Forgiving the unbelievable strain
     7Go back to the opening questions. Four snakes gliding up and down a hollow for no purpose that I can see. 
     8Correct yourself and say out loud "I always call you when I am going to be late, so why didn't you call me?"



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