C a m i l l e   M a r t i n


repo winter
razor-filching delivery in half-mind, a canvas body sign the
dusty climate can't remedy (instance of moreover, sweet sky
caught at point). one's cantabile foothold veers off the captive
chart & into succulent breath. alien nests visible in the cold
syndrome of speech. a wash of sound recurs in concrete
disguise. old mouth shapes' sizable blooms. a stockpile of
stories, enough porous to sleep awash so from out of the corner
escape tangents of sifted organism. to sleep porous. not in a
place but entagled instant. crosshatchery into waiting
frame. a ladder blanking on its trajectory. eggshells a prayer
away. crumbling space spanning stories, finally not
simultaneous with one's instinctive calibration of window
depth. forgetting again & again how to magnify the margins,
while synapses plagiarize vulnerable funds.



Camille Martin is a poet and translator who lives in New Orleans. 
Her collections of poetry include sesame kiosk (Potes & Poets,
forthcoming), rogue embryo, magnus loop , and Plastic Heaven
(Fell Swoop, 1996). Her poems are published or forthcoming in the
following online journals: Cauldron & Net, Moria, baddog, 
can we have our ball back?, poethia and princess lovely pants. 
Martin founded and co-curates the Lit City Poetry Reading Series 
in New Orleans.