Anastasios Kozaitis

Variation on a Theme

we leave without hesitation, our one-night stands
in the morning of guilt blindly in the dark bedroom
here is where the sifting takes place. your panties. my shirt.
our garments soiled wrap the night last
we were animals searching for fine grasses of our past
hiding our thoughts in our morning showers
my body nourished on past plagues
my body drinks of my tears

I leave the part at the pond
  all these bodies wet on a summer night
to wrap myself with you in the warmth
  of a blanket dry skin against dry skin
and pull apart your hairs to find you
  envelope me all of me hot and wet
fitting better than ever before customed for us
  most unlike awkward nights of the past
that dilute in our private lake tonight
  surrounded by the singing cicadas
drowning out the past only now
  can I cry my thirst replenished.


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