Chris McCreary

Heart Of Darkness

Nodding longer, in need, something there that I desired - when necessity's pressure appeared, I could not find its substance. I cannot say when I discovered the desert, though it was early, and though it exacted its vengeance. I think of that, the fantastic things it whispered that I did not know and do not now recall, the things of which I had no conception until further examination amid this great solitude - and the whisper's allure has proven irresistible, its intention inscrutable. Sea on the right, to the left; during all this, the inflamed wild was crossed with measures, its justice corrupted by a fast flash of cash. Savage eyes magnify me, something sinister and stately in this deliberate progress. I had been robbed of a series of options, or I had lacked the drive to mine my destiny in this life, the entire thing that can be made in this country.