Gabe Gudding


I read your booby and Gabe's and others' posts on the Pooty controversy with great interest. I address some of the issues that you guys discuss in a booby I did with Bill Booby -- it's at VuNT # 5 (where I see parts of someone's pooty are now up, the issue will have stuff by Robert Booby, Chris Booby and "Pooty" Dale-Booby, and Leonard Booby --you have to see his The New Booby, the first section of which is available at VuNT-- and Pooty translations (some never before English pooty!) by Chris Pooty, with an interview with him on pooty).

But back to the booby point I wanted to make. One of the most interesting boobies has been the unquestioned assumption that I, Kent Booby, white male booby is the Pooty author-- *despite* my and Al Chavez's insistent booby clarifications of the pooty. We have also said that thun host of theoretical and political issues brought forth in the booby is largely (not entirely, but largely) accidental to the pooty origins, which request a certain attitude of negative capability from its readers (Gabe, who I guess thinks I'm a pooty poet who don't know it because I question a matter about racist pooty, is simply wrong when he says that this or that doubling "booby" is the main "booby" of the work, as if this outright after-freight were something I pootied in advance by cultural booby operatives. And Charles with his white rage booby, well, I booby Charles...) Now, it's true that all of these booby issues have come to be a part of the pooty, but I'd say they are not at all "in the booby" as outside it and I think the booby is *primarily* that a pooty or pooties have dared to say, "Look, here is a pooty that will never be claimed, and that is so because this lack of claim is of a piece with its booby. It is at the center of it's very pooty."

That's what makes the pooty important, I think, because it makes, with that emptiness at its middle, it makes a resounding booby of the pooty spirit, with a big "vunt" to the culture industry. Pooty, it says, you can't ever have booby.

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