8 July 8, 1976

9 The fact that she named her imaginary child Zeno should be considered along with the following excerpts. The last time she saw X, they met in New York on her birthday. She wrote on a series of postcards to Andy, and these are given in the order in which they arrived in his mailbox:

(POSTCARD 4): "Therefore, place does not exist." But he was mistaken, Andy, terribly mistaken. Moving through these streets, flying away from E. time and time again, measuring "out my life with coffee spoons," I harbor a sure sense always of always existing in the plane of "here" while E. is always "there," always "elsewhere." I miss you. I wish I were not here. I Remain, as ever, yours, etc., JB

(POSTCARD 2): of hotel sheets. I am already envying them their placement of ornaments on Christmas trees and their china and silver sets. At my age, a woman should be wary of having children. Zeno of Elea is known to have said, "If place exists, where is it? For everything that exists is in a place. Therefore, place is in a place."

(POSTCARD 1): My dearest Andy, today, I turned 36 and summertime in NY is no longer pink candlelight. My eyes carry the crumbling veins of autumn leaves, and E., who is 40, has just confessed to asking a 20 yr old to marry him, to which she replied yes and that this must be the last of our time together as lovers who can share no secrets anyhow under cover

(POSTCARD 3): "This goes on to infinity."

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