5 In the original production, Boully was positioned stage center, the vase contained lilacs, not violets, the hills spread out like fallen pears, and ________________ was originally cast to play the role of _____________________ who, in the original production, entered on the cue of broken glass to ask if she would _________ him. The addition of black curtains, which replaced the billowing, transparent ones, was made in the year ______. Del Vecchio contends this is indicative of Boully's growing apprehension of _____________. The change in the set design was intended to symbolize the changes made in the dialogue, as __________ would no longer be asking if she would __________ him, but if she was okay with just _______ing him.

6 Sounds like "hex."

7 Not the celestial body, but the cleaning agent, which was commonly used to scrub toilets and dislodge mildew from cracks and crevices.


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