Roberto Piva

Plaza of the Republic of My Dreams

The statue of Alvarez de Azevedo is devoured patiently by the morphine landscape

the plaza carries away bridges applied to the center of its body and kids playing in the stercal


Plaza of the Republic of my dreams

where everything is made fever and crucified doves

where the beatific come to agitate the masses

where Garcia Lorca waits for his dentist

where we conquered the immense desolation of the good old days

the boys had their testicles skewered by the multitude

lips coagulate without uproar

pissoires take their place in the sun

and palm trees stand where the wind ruffles their hair just right

Delirium Tremens facing Paradise hairless butts paper genitals angels lying in the whirlwind flower

beds streaming water in the tolietbowl brains furrowed by waving hands

veterinarians go by slowly reading Dom Casmurro

there are young queens drunk on lilies

and whores with night prowling around their nails

there's drop of rain on the abandoned chevelure

while the blood shipwrecks the corollas

Oh my visions memories of Rimbaud plaza of the Republic of my Dreams ultimate wisdom leaning

out of a sainted door


[trans. Chris Daniels]

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