Know me by my omissions. My long lashes and e's. Asyndeton. Elision. Let the Anglicans bottom-feed. Know me by the radiopaque injected into my subarachnoid space. The body is a semisolid. Beware the syncope.


          Of or relating to the dog days: canicular. Sirius. Siriasis. Wrestlers dressed in plastic. Running to death. I have always had

a soft spot for the victims of progeria. A rapidly expanding fontanel.


          Attention heirs presumptive and heirs apparent: I report anginas pectoris. Faulty articulation of the temporomandibular. TSS. Coprolalia. Inexplicable spiritual largesse.


          Would that you were real.

          If I wake on the wrong side of the carpetweed. If music finally matters. If I join the janitors. Shear your cascading keritanized filaments. Put down my gazehound. Despair.