Your presence felt as a loss. Afterodor of cascading keritanized filaments. A brunette. Sharing analgesics. Flavored cigarettes.


          The first time I saw you you were presenting your matchstick bridge. You were giving a paper on the younger Agrippina. A flat glossy fur from the pelt of a stillborn kid:

          galyak. Can you dance to this. Transpontine stick figure victims. Can you dig.


          If it amounts to a gloss. To a glory-of-the-snow. A diminutive of gloria. If it pales in comparison. If it is enceinte. Without a girdle. Mixed with beeswax. Fixed with heat. Encephalitis lethargica. Going steady. If it keeps.


          Beware the blond critic. The bald critique. So long as one man has muscle memory. No association is free.


          Silence you shriek.


          Do you know me yet. Herr Doctor. The archduke. My critic. Hint: about to drop. Lack major facial parts. Too drive to drunk. Palatal subcalibars. Social aphasiac. Veritable rainmaker. Almagest peddler. Abuser of genitives. Keeper of archways. At minimum wage.


          If it amounts to a fashionable concern with thresholds. Fat pine in the bonfire. If it amounts to a colossal waste of time/space. If posterity judges it undanceable. Anti-Semitic. You've reached modernity. Leave a message at the beep.