The new janitors are impotent media. They are sinistral. Critical. Night watchman of the Saturniidae. Helpless naked and blind when hatched: altricial.


           Whoso lists the planetesimal.


          The genitive odor of. Orchestral order of. Remember me to my trespasses. My victims risen like questions.


          Formally requesting air cover. Salix babylonica. Bonfire. Oblation obbligato. Payroll of bones. Genuflecting flame. Shea butter. The new janitors

          fuck the wives of Ely dumb.


          On prom-night we ate minced heart liver and lung mixed with suet onion and oatmeal boiled in the stomach of the selfsame calf. You wore a strapless tallith. Corsage of wasps.

          Janitors flit through the back-halls in their grosgrain slips. Unfolding the form. Fungivorous janitoriat. Forming a fold.

          We are none of us Russian. We are sophomores. Sour with treble. The flatland's biggest ballers. The new new formalists. Never again. Renouncing the bang. The buck. The bench. The bar. The cloth. We the undersigned hereby renounce

          our signatures.


          A glassy violet aluminum borosilicate birthstone used in spark-plug ceramics. The second tower has collapsed. Purgatorial prom. Lo

          identity politics. If the cap is conical. Wear it.


          Janitors pushing their carts through the narrative halls. All manner of topical astringents. Styptic pencils. Iced lollies. Expectorants. Small beer. Water of Javelle.


          I've had a lovely evening. I won't tell.