Edward C. Edwards

seed stolen wooly

the page crane
fathom the function
the same wing answers
rid-dles, between the tiny one
time fire working naked (similarity)
he set small interiors in his drive (play-
things) cops left the margin--or the doorway
watching dusted detour (images, he was
thin, lots of white space) images dis/
member cement body, past-life
open body = imagos of
points, clouds dissect
headripping ice
pond borrows
the living

Dodie Bellamy's latest book Cunt-Ups (Tender Buttons) won the 2002 Firecracker Alternative Book Award for poetry. Her other books include The Letters of Mina Harker (Hard Press) and Feminine Hijinx (Hanuman). Edward C. Edwards' poems are excerpted from "The Cracks in the Ceiling," the entire text of which may be found in the archives of www.markszine.com.