Kari Edwards

to be a proper subject

and yes you are right we need to subjugate to augment our position or,
that's not what you said, we need to position the subject to prove our
postion . . . no, that not it - we need to enslave to have a plantation . .
. no, that's not it, we need to bomb an atoll with radiation to have a free
nation . . . no, that's not it, we need hamburger to have fast food nation .
. . no, we need credit cards to enslave the the masses . . . no, that's not
it, we need to be deceit and put mascara on . . . no that not it, we need
more legs to put blue jeans in . . . no, that's not it, we need more beans
to count a thousand million different ways, or maybe just the right
pesticides for more coffee to drink. damn the torpedoes and weddings marches
. . . we're in it with a freudian slip . . . this is the end, this is the
line in the sand and this is the sand at the water edge through time as the
holy roman empire moves from hotel to hotel playing pin the tail on the



kari edwards is a poet, artist and gender activist, winner of New Langton Art's Bay Area Award in literature(2002), author of a day in the life of p. to be released by subpress collective (2002), a diary of lies - Belladonna #27 by Balladonna Books (2002), Electric Spandex: anthology of writing the queer text, Pyriform Press (2002), and post/(pink) Scarlet Press (2001). edwards' work can also be found in Blood and Tears an anthology on Matthew Shepard, Painted leaf Press (2000), Bombay Gin, Aufgabe, Fracture, Belight Fiction, In Posse, Mirage/Period(ical), Van Gogh's Ear, PuppyFlower, Avoid Strange Men, Nerve Lantern, 88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry, FIR at potz.com, Shampoo, muse-apprentice-guild and The International Journal of Sexuality and Gender Studies.