Kenneth Tanemura

perfect weddings

perfect weddings
disgust some
who secretly
get enchanted
when the first
dance begins

by perfect weddings
i mean the groom's father
delivers a speech
that leaves not a dry eye
in the fancy hotel
and the the groom's brother
talks about how he is not only
the best man at his bros wedding
but also his best friend

and already the bride
is calling the groom's parents
mom and dad
and one course after the other
keeps coming to your table
while you tabulate in your mind
how many thousands
were invested into making
the perfect wedding

in Palo Alto
after the perfect service
at the Methodist church
where the bride and groom
who wrote their own vows
read them to each other
in intimate tones

and not a thing goes wrong
the champagne is the finest
the music is seamless
the dancing is graceful
it's so idyllic middle class
like that movie with
steve martin and diane keaton
"father of the bride"

it's so fucking perfect
and you don't mind that
it's perfect, you like it,
except that you walk out
onto the street and pollute your lungs
with nicotine for
five to ten minutes
to give yourself a break
from that thing you love
so much