Kenneth Tanemura

so after reading this article

after reading this article on hank williams the third i mean it was so gorgeously written and it was all about this white trash redneck that even white people disdain yet it was epic an ode to hank a glamorized telling of this fake punk turned ghost of great grandaddy hank williams and so i thought okay i'm a journalist too just like 'liz gilbert so maybe i'll go over to hayward and do a story on joe nishimoto the japanese american dude who was a pro wrestler before the wwf was even established i heard this guy is a character and he has a brilliant garden in his yard i could do a 4 part feature and how dumb and groundbreaking and touch yet sensitive this joe nishimoto is and then i thought well who the fuck cares about joe nishimoto or anyone in the world named nishimoto poet alchemist of words we know why plato banished the wordsmiths but no power no metaphor no imagery no lyricism can make joe nishimoto into a "story" that folks can get into in America