Rodrigo Toscano

Recalling the appeal of the feather-boa days
(in the ring) Ventura, asked by a Bush official
about joining a trade mission (to Africa)

"They're interested-
in my going to Southern Africa"

"My globularity is growing from Beijing to Apocrypha

They've been airing my WWF tapes-

World-Wide Wrustling Frig-a-Nation (apes)"


Temptura, also announced that he will appear on ABC's "Goed Morgen Des Afrikaans" on April 30. Aides [not of the Glaxo Monopoly Variety] said the show will highlight various regions of the Simulacra for a national ringside (seat.)

Dentura, also met with Chinese ambassador Yang Jiechi
over breakfast and discussed the governor's hopes
for exporting Minnesota medical products to China [medico bonam fortunam est]

Funtura, said Yang assured him of a warm welcome during his June detour of China,
given Futura's support for China's rear-entry into the World Trade Organization
"He's read all my speeches" Ventura said-

Yang also expressed interest in coming to Minnesota in the fall to see the democrats turn colors.

Laptura, also joined lawmakers in promoting a same-day voter registration bill in Congress [supporting framework stud-gets something right! (to left)] and promoted Minnesota tourism and products.

The governor, who doesn't drink coffee,
dropped in at the capital's first Caribou Coffee,
for a non-caffeinated coffee.

He also spoke to convention planners on behalf of the Greater Minneapolis Office of Tourism, "while our agribusiness [agricola non stupidum est] is as strong as ever"
he said "our travel industry is almost threatening to overtake 'ag' as the number one 'ec' [economic activity] in 'MN'".

Abbreviatura, touted Minnesota's airports, lakes and golf courses. He also dwelt
at length on one of the state's top attractions, the Mall of America.

"This thing has been an unbullwinkable success," he said, telling his mostly female audience at the Mayflower Hotel "you owe it to your selves to visit"

"Especially-and I don't want to sound sexist! [nor, sino- / japono- market-phobic] especially you ladies" Ventura said-

"You've never had under-one-roof shopping like this. If you want to irritate the man in your life then I highly suggest the Mall of America [labore mundialis non bonam fortunam est]

"It's like the First Lady," he continued "She comes home all the time and says 'Honey, you won't believe how much money I saved today!'

And I've never figured that one out! [dixit gladiator maximus]
My checkbook gets smaller, and yet she tells me I'm saving money-

Everything's on sale!"


Rodrigo Toscano's two books include Partisans (O Books) and The Disparities (Green Integer). His third book Platform (Atelos Press) is due in 2002. His work has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese and German. Toscano lives and works in New York City.