Mark DuCharme


          an axis of the 'sneak' retaliate
in adversaries to have spawned
    a 'homeland' & the threat-based
they need a smaller version of a

        friends attack friends sample
deterrent to a scrawl
            in this wage while clanging
   about the potential      this
               cut-out spoils, this reeling

     my judgment is that we should wander
                in torsion to the scrawl
toward minimum zero
posture shifts in plummeting

    allies with range    or
            in them slowly
for offense;      this new
        -credible     military    potency
               approach of the need
           for nude-clear

consistent with weapons of nuclear
consistent with multiple independent
    approach weapons should pre-
           where in prevail we'll face (farce)
   into vehicles &
also pockets

       hard and deeply buried