mark s kuhar

"war is weakness, peace is strength"

war is weakness, that which reflects
immense inner darkness, those things we refuse
to overcome, another easy way out

peace is strength, the power of
convictions, a hard work that
germinates glorious human treasure

never let those that demand war
think that they bargain from a
position of strength, war is weakness
tiny like an ant (i can crush with my heel)

mark s. kuhar is a cleveland, ohio-based poet, writer and editor. his poetry and fiction have appeared in the american srborbran, whiskey island, the city, ohio on-line, tin lustre mobile, sidereality and big bridge, as well as in the anthologies "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind: poets on 9/11 (regent press) and "the long march of cleveland (green panda press); and is forthcoming in m.a.g. and american motor thought. he is also the editor of deep cleveland junkmail oracle, an on-line literary e-zine dedicated to late, legendary cleveland outlaw poet & underground publisher d.a. levy.