Dear Andrew Felsinger,


It is a great adventure of cultural and poetic resistance to edit this
magazine. We have 5 issues so far, 2,000 copies each, that are
distributed all over Brazil by Iluminuras, from São Paulo. We also send
copies to around 700 people in Brazil and abroad. This is our first
anniversary. We have been published people from many different

In Coyote # 4, I did a dossieur with Rosmarie Waldrop. A friend in NYC
is interviewing Cecilia Vicuña. Jaques Roubaud appeared in the last
issue, Jabés is on the way and Adonis is next. We are also recovering
important texts: I've translated Beckett´s "What is the Word", as well
as Mina Loy. We are also involved in an important dialogue with Latin
American writers, many of them also unknown in Brazil. Of course, the
magazine is not only a forum for ideas, but also reveals new poets and
artists. We also publish photographers, visual artists, essayists etc.

The situation has gotten a little better for poetry in Brazil, since
there are now at least 14 magazines dedicated to new poets,
contemporary culture, etc. In the 90s, there were three or four. The
internet has helped a lot.


yours in poetry,

Rodrigo Garcia Lopes