Crag Hill:


17 pages, 1990. ISBN 0-945112-10-6 $5.00 "Translations" of works by other poets from the editor and publisher of SCORE magazine, a major magazine of visual poetries.

"Dim Woe" by Crag Hill

From the book Trains Sl:ay Huns

This is the dim woe.  Then they
mowed she, through the dim woe
a cleft like the slack bee,
red cove in a parable bark &
to the tide of the cleft, I
grow a treat main town stitching 
up to the tear of the high.  I
cried, "I moat why, I'm not
booing that."  As if I sad head
this, everyone nude exactly.
What a mint.  This is the rod.

       --translated from Barrett Watten

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