Type(right)or - Eric Rosolowski

Hey Pig, Yeah YOU   STOP
that stuff that means thXs
a lot for something more even
more      natural      than
hunt       and            pecker
boil        real           potatoes

A bIG crasSSH  spills everything
in there and rolls over

I have a bIG gUN  yes I am
step right up!  PUSH!
Watch it come down Pig
boy pretending to be a Pig
Gunned right up make you feel
better      supreme      power
smash       come           down
all             lined             up
make          you             feel
b      e      t     t       e      r
a   l   l   r   i   g   h   t

A perfect promise of danger
and pain violated  penetrated
complicated insides soul
the only thing that works for me

Inside job  animal existence
closer to god

You can have my observation
you can have my reason
      I;ts all over
      thE ground in the
      trees on my sLeeve
      dried up spill
      so bIG