Type(right)or - Eric Rosolowski

October 28,  1996  8;05 Pm

Pope cash resembles a chronic  N.A.S.A ship
off balance.  Crrrrap Cllrrraaaaaaap
Skin fathom off here on the waves deep freon
under water

Road rules are side-walk rules as well
Kakson polloj tripped on a lrank wyde Fright
                                                    side walk

talk show not interupted by self censorship
I cant self-censor ya blan che kuf
man ure self polly whackers..ship off ona self
ghoti    reserve     electro
ghish    sftfswf    dkbsqn

eh eznooo pe pe ooooog  papa low low la pppee
runs    eh    whoooey  eh kinslop eee oooop
ne pas d'anglay  e.t.c.
chew snaps from cheese breaks.. I got caught

-- littlenars moved from the sound fuury caged
water drinker patiently waiting pjs cold not caught
but had last week plastic seal rings rubber bands
you can't see through the window then with that

         --  trained of thought with a key poker ribbon
               bell ringer rug burning lights on with a
               yellow glow brought by electricity E
               LECT - RICITY

-- 3rd partition 28th day me thinks I feel a wood
block print coming on a "classic" slab of molded
bright yellow / green machine tri wheeler hub

It's an hour later an hour plus another 71 minutes
after the fact, my ween tus nI tem us bing ought
me ampubition estes slowly falling from the fall
maple sap   leaves   that fall  southern tree's
lose their   fruit      shipped up north