Type(right)or - Eric Rosolowski

Sew-ply (sou fly)
_   _  _  _  _  _  _

What is let him slide just like my
Daddy   does  soup fly waiter*
ther,,'s a fly in my soup
          doing the front crawl
          legs up wings spinning
          close to my lips

Gotta be bIG to crawl in dinners
flourescence pink hot cool beer breeze
          no bigger than what fits in my
          show fly show show fly shoe

Rest up now gimmee seven mints
1    2     3     4    5    6   mints
one @ a time
I'll keep for later next week
minded individuality spirit----etc.

Set me back a few lines on my # account
remembering to count them as they hit my
palm sweat hot lite fog effect on the
crash down to the ResTart
Loud rythm ryme go ne in one space
left up to you
        right after this message is through

Sew fly sew fly waiter  sew fly sew fly
waiter sou fly soo fly waiter hands down
sooo fly waiter rythm sew fly waiter
sew fly fly fly fly fly waiter sew fly waiter

Scream in the middle on or of the day
We'll say of the day

Or on the day of birh in the space
provided______ wrong date  wrong
everything start over sheets flys in or on
the garbage (re-cycle) a way to keep it off

the garbage  rage ...until it end with a
world beat - could stand aone in on after
we do stand ...keep it close to mine

*waiter _one who waits_